Kuti Oil is a cold press oil manufacturer based in Windhoek Namibia. We are a proud Namibian business founded by women. Kuti Oil exports Marula oil, a prized organic oil used for cosmetic products. We take pride in bringing the traditional Ovambo practice of pressing Marula oil into the international market.

The Founders

The mother and daughter team of Maria Dax and Mpingana Dax are symbolic of the business dream of using local African knowledge to uplift communities. The marula oil pressing culture is a tradition passed down for generations in the ovambo culture

Maria Dax, is a recognized leader in the corporate world, having lead the Government Institutions Pension Fund before her retirement. She also has extensive knowledge of Marula oil and Kalahari Melon seed oil having grown up in the north of Namibia. Her business experience strengthens Kuti Oil’s business acumen and sophistication.

Mpingana Dax, is a qualified and experienced graphic designer who worked in the advertising and publishing industries as well as a freelancer in Namibia. She is an expert in the branding and marketing fields including the skill of producing print designs. Mpingana has a master’s degree in film and television and is a professional film maker. Her skills add value to the corporate identity, professionalization and presentation of the brand including its products.